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    The Chronicles Of Thumpus Wumpus

    By: Carol Riddell

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    A brother and sister, Tesh and Tash, live in a small village known as "the village in between" - between the great forest and the town below. In the forest is a very rare creature, a Thumpus Wumpus. The villagers imagine there are many of these ferocious creatures.

    Tash and Tesh, come face to face with a Thumpus Wumpus one day and they learn that it is alone in the area, has telepathic abilities, and is friendly and helpful. They introduce Thumpus to the villagers, and although there are many adjustments to be made on both sides, the legendary monster and the people learn much from each other.

    Meanwhile, a different change is about to envelop the village; the Grand Archduke has decided to incorporate the village into his Empire. Unhappy with changes they do not want, and angry that Thumpus has been captured and sent away, the villagers rescue him and escape into the Great Forest. They will travel as far away as possible to build a new village.

    The journey is long and arduous, but everyone is determined to keep going, until finally, one day Thumpus finds another of his kind in a beautiful valley. Will Thumpus stay with her? And will the villagers get along with the villagers of the valley?

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