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    By: Jan Siegel

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    'Witch's Hour' concludes the lyrical, richly atmospheric and enthralling tale begun in 'Prospero's Children' and continued in 'The Dragon Charmer'. Spellbinding in its depiction of places both familiar and strange, of characters both magical and sinister, it is classic fantasy at its finest.

    Dana is plunged into a mysterious coma, and her brother, Lucas, is losing hope until he learns of a similar case. The patient's name is Fernanda Capel.

    Lucas tracks down Fern, who has established a successful career in PR, suppressing her magical talents. But the magic of the Gift will not so easily be laid aside, and she is plagued by a recurring nightmare: of being drawn to the pinnacle of an immense Dark Tower to meet a flame-eyed shadow figure and signing an unholy alliance in blood.

    Convinced that they have met before and intrigued as well, Fern decides to help Lucas save his sister. With the aid of her brother, Will, her friend, Gaynor, and the enigmatic Ragginbone, Fern draws upon all her power as a witch to try to bring Dana back.

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