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    A hilarious chapter book for older readers.

    The totally hilarious sequel to 'Horsehead Boy'. Spud Wilson is now a 16 year old brain in Bluey Doig's adult body. He's got a bike shop and shares a place with Rachel and Gazza, now qualified neurosurgeons. Bluey had a shonky business deal going with his "mates", who now turn up and kidnap him. When they realise they have Spud, not Bluey, they're delighted. The original scam was to divert Spud's brain from Snood's lab, put in a racehorse called Staxa Fun and clean up at the track. With Rachel and Gazza's "help", they can still do it . . . The mates also run a cryonics business and Rachel, Gazza, Spud and Staxa Fun all end up Frozen in the cryonics vat. They wake up much, much later . . . but that's another story.

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