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    The Merlin Conspiracy

    By: Diana Wynne Jones

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    A glorious fantasy from an award-winning author. The story is narrated by two very different teenagers, who each inhabit two extraordinarily different worlds.

    The world of Arianrhod Hyde (or Roddy, as she prefers to be called) is very much the world of magic, pageantry and ritual - not unlike Britain in King Arthur's day. Presiding over all is the Merlin, who is entrusted with the magical health of the Isles of Blest.

    Nick Mallory's world is much more familiar - at least it starts off like our own. But he soon slips sideways into something he thinks is a dream, but is in fact another world entirely.

    In Roddy's world, the current Merlin expires and a new one takes his place. Yet something is wrong - nothing is going the way it should. Roddy needs help, and certain powers indicate that Nick is the one to help her.

    Their stories unfold side by side, each part leading to the next, then thickening as the tales swirl around each other. Twining, meeting and affecting each other, they never completely combine until the very last chapters - when all is finally revealed.

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