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    The Middle Of Nowhere

    By: S A Freud

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    This is the story of two lonely misfits, Shaun Weller and Henley Mitchell, who both live in isolated farms outside a tiny country town.

    Shaun lives with his mother and stepfather and they have recently moved to the country from Sydney. Shaun is picked on at school because he is different: he's from the city. Henley is deaf. He lives on the property next to Shaun's. His mother is supportive of his disability and does all she can to give him as "normal" a life as possible. Henley's father has withdrawn from his son, unable to cope with his disappointment that his son is deaf. Both boys have a miserable school life and are picked on mercilessly by the school bully, Roy Thompson, and his gang of thugs.

    The boys meet when Shaun almost runs Henley down while he's out riding his horse, Scout. The two boys become great friends and enjoy taking off together exploring the countryside. It is during one of these expeditions that they have an adventure. And it is the adventure of a lifetime - one that makes the school bully and his gang realise that there is more to these two so-called geeks than anyone realised.

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