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    By: Janeen Webb

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    Cyn lives in a house on the cliff above Redhead Beach and spends all her free time riding her windsurfer across the waves. One day she finds a beautiful bottle washed up on the sand, covered with strange magical symbols. When she works out how to break the seal, a genie appears and promises to grant her three wishes.

    The genie is King Sinbad of Baghdad, and with him Cyn goes on three amazing, magical adventures. Her first wish is to sail the seven seas - along the way, they free a grumpy magic carpet which becomes Cyn's constant companion. It is while skimming low over the ocean on the carpet that Sinbad and Cynthia meet up with the lady Alessa, who invites Cyn to visit Atlantis.

    The trip to Atlantis is Cyn's second wish. When Cyn and the genie eventually locate the ancient lost city, a huge air bubble carries them to its realm beneath the waves, where Cynthia is an honoured guest.

    Cyn's third wish takes her to the fabled land of Xanadu, where she and Sinbad must travel through the labyrinth of Kubla Khan to reach he fabled monastery, where it is said the monks have discovered the secret of immortality. Sinbad hopes to find the book containing the secret, but the monks have other plans for their guests.

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