The Wholesome Cook: Recipes For Life's Seasons

The Wholesome Cook: Recipes For Life's Seasons by Martyna Angell

19 / 03 / 2021
197 x 247mm

Real food to nourish you, no matter your age or stage in life. Have you noticed that as you moved from teenage to adulthood your food tastes change? That what used to work for you as a 30–year–old career woman, no longer works for you as a retired woman of a certain age? That you can't eat the same dishes as your friend and feel good? That your energy dips dramatically if you eat the wrong foods? Like the calendar year, the body has its seasons and no one understands this better than the Martyna Angell, author of the bestselling book The Wholesome Cook and the popular and award–winning blog of the same name. In her new book The Wholesome Cook: Eating for Life's Seasons, Martyna focuses on bio–individualism – the recognition that we are all physiologically different –and offers 160 endlessly flexible recipes that can be adapted to support your individual health and well–being, no matter what your age or stage of life.All recipes emphasise seasonal wholefoods, fresh fruit and vegetables and pasture–raised meat. Every recipe is refined sugar and gluten–free and many cater to dairy–free, nut–free, egg–free, lactose–free, paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets. Every recipe is also tagged to show you the healthiest options for babies, children, teenagers, and men and women at various stages of life, so you have complete control over your individual healthy eating plan. These recipes offer healthy delicious options that allow you to tune in to your body's needs at different times of life. Twenty of Martyna's well–known friends offer their favourite healthy recipes in this book, which is packed with nutritional information on sugar, fat, soy, grains, gluten and dairy based on the most recent research. The Wholesome Cook: Eating for Life's Seasons is not just a cookbook, it's a guide to a creative approach to food and achieving the optimal healthy lifestyle.
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