Wild About Harry - File Tie-In

Wild About Harry - File Tie-In by Colin Bateman

By: Colin Bateman

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177 x 113mm

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This is the story of Harry McKee - sleazy local chat show host. A once loving husband, he's become a drunken unfaithful slob and even his kids won't speak to him. His wife is divorcing him and taking him to the cleaners. On his last night as a married man he winds up drunk and is beaten up.

When he keels over the next day at the divorce hearing his wife and solicitor assume he's pulling a fast one. He eventually wakes from a week-long coma but he's lost his memory - everything since 1974. Inside his sagging middle-aged body he feels eighteen. Though he doesn't know it yet, Harry has been given the chance to get back his life, his wife and his self-respect. If only he could remember how it all went wrong and why his family hate him.

As the pieces of his past slowly begin to fall into place we watch Harry attempt to persuade Ruth to fall in love with him all over gain, and witness his failure to resurrect his career. Clinging on to the past, he at least still fits into his teenage tank-top and flares - but he's only got two weeks until the next divorce hearing, when he will be homeless, childless and clueless!

Now a major feature film starring Brendan Gleeson, Amanda Donohue and James Nesbitt.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2001
177 x 113mm

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