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    By: Milissa Deitz

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    Carmilla is beautiful, young, headstrong, curious, sexually aggressive and wildly independent. She is an invader of the normal, a loner, hungry for experience and dedicated to her search for meaning. And blood.
    She meets Jonathan at a party and they begin a wild affair. The further they go, the more they crave. Their lust cannot be satisfied by sex alone. They begin to explore sexual bloodsports, eventually luring others to their house to feed their fantasy games. Or at least Jonathan thinks they are games. Until he realises that all is not what it seems, and that Carmilla is prepared to go to any lengths to satisfy her bloodlust.
    A dark, thrillingly erotic and chilling novel of sex and horror, 'Bloodlust' explores the cruelty and primal desires that lie just beneath our surface respectability, as well as hidden and forbidden power, life beyond the everyday and the extraordinary within the ordinary.
    It will shock you. It will entrance you. It will never let you go.

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