Deadly!: The Complete Set

Deadly!: The Complete Set by Morris Gleitzman & Paul Jennings
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Box Set
111 x 181mm

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All six top-selling weird, scary and funny titles of the hit serialised novel 'Deadly!' in a terrific gift-boxed set.

'Deadly! 1: Starkers': Amy's mum is missing, her dad's left and she's stuck with a baby she's never seen before. Meanwhile Sprocket has no idea how he ended up all alone in the bush, naked and with no food.

'Deadly! 2: Brats': 'In no time at all, Amy and Sprocket were covered with scampering, crawling, hopping insects and spiders. They were in Sprocket's hair and eyes and earholes. He gasped and sucked in air. And with the air he drew in a huge spider.'

'Deadly! 3: Stiffed': Amy and Sprocket are on a mission - to find her dad and his mum, rescue the baby from the Brats and uncover exactly what is going on inside the mysterious nudist colony. But the truth is even more terrifying than anything they imagined.

'Deadly! 4: Hunted': 'The Brats were almost upon Amy and Sprocket with their ropes and nets . . . Suddenly there was a roar. The sound of an enormous gurgle filled the air. It was like the squealing of a million bath tubs after their plugs had been pulled.'

'Deadly! 5: Groped': 'Amy grabbed the phone out of its cradle, hit the button and put it to her ear. And nearly fainted. She could hear moans. And heavy breathing. And people trying to talk with what sounded like something pressed against their mouths . . .'

'Deadly! 6: Plucked': The nail-biting, gut-wrenching, spine-tingling conclusion to the wackiest adventure ever. Will Amy and Sprocket escape the clutches of the Brats long enough to discover the ultimate secret behind the world's deadliest tea?
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2001
111 x 181mm

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