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    Book 3 in The Dragon Mage trilogy.

    Ancient hatreds, ancient wrongs - their chains bind Rhodry Maelwaedd, the mad beserker, and his blood-sworn enemy, Raena, shape changer and prophet. Both have glimpsed the great secret of the dweomer, that each soul leads many lives. Neither understands what they have seen.

    They forged their chain of hatred during Deverry's civil wars, when they lived as Maddyn the bard and Lady Merodda, a dabbler in poisons and forbidden magicks. The evil that Merodda worked then claimed lives that Maddyn held dear. Not even the mighty dweomermaster Nevyn and his apprentice Lilli could undo the harm she worked or prevent Maddyn from swearing a vengeance-vow that has smouldered down the centuries.

    Now Rhodry and Raena are to meet again far from the Kingdom of Deverry. Their blood-feud threatens to destroy the peaceful city of Cerr Cawnen. The elven dweomermaster Dallandra must summon every power and ally at her disposal to break the chains of their Wyrd and save thousands of innocent lives.

    In this, the eleventh volume in the Deverry cycle and third of the 'Dragon Mage' series, storylines begun in 'Dawnspell: The Brisling Wood', 'A Time Of Exile' and 'The Black Raven', both the present of 1117 and the past, will reach their triumphant and spellbinding conclusion.

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