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    The Gap Into Vision - Forbidden Knowledge


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    Book Two of the Gap Series.

    'The Real Story' had been told - but deep in the realm of 'Forbidden Knowledge' lay greater dangers still . . .

    Morn Hyland had survived a terrible ordeal at the hands of one space pirate, only to find herself trapped in the ship of another, surrounded by hostile, unfriendly faces.

    Nick Succorso had rescued her, but for what purpose? He and his crew were all illegals, and she was a cop - a cop with gap-sickness. Just having her on board would put all their lives at risk. But Nick knew that Morn possessed something that could be of value to them all - and he had every intention of exploiting it.

    As she struggled to recover from her shattering experiences, Morn would hear increasingly shocking tales of corruption in the UMCP, and even more alarming rumours of a shadowy alien life force - the Amnion - with their all-consuming mutagens. All too soon, on the long and hazardous voyage to forbidden space, the bizarre stories would become horrifying reality . . .

    Hailed as his finest achievement to date, Stephen Donaldson's Gap series has rapidly attained classic status. Donaldson is at his best in one of the most exhilarating space epics ever told - an unmissable adventure as vast as the galaxy and as unpredictable as the human heart.

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