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    `Witchcraft is a lot tougher than it looks. It's not like on television, where witches airily wave their hands and chairs start flying around the room. In fact, it's a lot of hard work, sometimes even boring. My introduction to witchcraft was in Alyce Nightingale's kitchen, in the summer leading up to my senior year.'

    Gina is learning the biggest lessons of her life as an apprentice witch to Alyce Nightingale. Impressed with Gina's ability, Alyce passes on an old amulet that used to belong to a famous Siberian sorceress, and that's when Gina's nightmares begin: haunting dreams of a child lost in the forest, a cruel shadow in pursuit. In a botched psychic experiment, the shadow crosses over into Gina's world.

    Now, with a malicious spirit on the loose, Gina is going to have to focus all her brainpower on solving the mystery and sending the shadow back. Meanwhile, Gina's friend Vanessa is acting strange, and her boyfriend Dali is going seriously off the rails. It's not an ideal way to spend the summer holidays, but Gina thinks she's coping.

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