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    By: Barefoot Doctor

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    High-Speed Spirituality for People on the Run.

    This is an accessible, entertaining and innovative guide to everything you need to know to live well in the fast, furious twenty-first century, from bestselling author and "modern Taoist sage", the Barefoot Doctor. This is the guide to surviving and thriving amidst the growing pressures of modern urban life, and tuning in to the global spirit.

    This book enables you to make use of brief moments of free time and use them to maximise your spiritual awareness and well-being. Barefoot Doctor prescribes a broad range of Taoist techniques, comprising new meditations, energy work, affirmations and visualisation skills, breathing methods, prayer formats and physical chi exercises.

    The book also contains spiritual advice on universal topics from communication skills to making money, loneliness, friends, escapism, taking risks, health, success and failure, addictions and much more.

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