Sometimes The Magic Works

In 1977, the 'New York Times' Trade Paperback Bestseller list - back then the almost exclusive province of self-help guides - played host to its very first work of fiction: 'The Sword Of Shannara', an epic quest through a mythical land, by first-time author Terry Brooks. In the quarter of a century since, nineteen 'New York Times' bestselling novels have followed. Now, Terry Brooks tells the story of how he got there - from beginner to bestselling author - and shares his secrets for creating unusual, memorable fiction. Writing is writing, whether one's setting is a magical universe or a suburban back garden. Spanning topics from the importance of daydreaming to the necessity of writing an outline, Brooks draws upon his own experiences to share the hard lessons he learned and delightful discoveries made in creating the beloved 'Shannara' and 'Magic Kingdom Of Landover' series, 'The Word And The Void' trilogy, and the bestselling 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' novel. More than just a writing guide, 'Sometimes The Magic Works' is Terry Brooks' self-portrait of the artist. Here are sketches of his midwestern boyhood, when comic books, radio serials, and a vivid imagination launched a lifelong passion of weaving tales of wonder; recollections of the fateful collaboration with legendary editor Lester Del Rey - an event that changed not only the author's life but the course of publishing history; and an eye-opening look at the ups and downs of dealing with Hollywood, gleaned while Brooks was writing official novels based on major movies by both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

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