The Mystic Rose by Stephen Lawhead


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111 x 178mm

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Book III of the Celtic Crusades.

The triumphant conclusion to this epic historical trilogy about a Scottish family's rise to power during the Holy Crusades. Searching the vaults of a religious secret society a 19th century lawyer finds evidence of the most shocking revelation of all . . .

Duncan has returned with his new wife to the fastness of Banvar, to continue his father's good work in building a powerful and devout community. Even more precious a gift than his wife, though, is the other prize that Duncan has brought to the Scottish clan: the Black Rood, the holy Cross of the Crucifixion which Duncan rescued from the clutches of the Knights Templar.

Yet the reach of the Templars is long, and soon Banvar finds itself under attack from the Christian Knights. Duncan's daughter Cait is forced to flee, and finds herself heading for the Moorish strongholds of Spain, where she becomes mired in a battle for religious supremacy which will leave only corpses in its wake.

Cait has little hope of escaping the frenzied killing, but it seems that the pious devotion of her forebears is about to bear miraculous fruit. And the possibility of her survival becomes intertwined with the discovery of the most holy relic of all . . .

Magnificent and breathtaking in scope, 'The Celtic Crusades' has traced the epic tale of a Scottish family fighting for its faith during one of the bloodiest periods in our history. In the final part of this enthralling trilogy of historical adventure, Stephen Lawhead delivers an explosive and revelatory climax to this unique religious quest.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2002
111 x 178mm

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