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    By: & Tracy Hickman

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    The final volume in 'The Sovereign Stone' trilogy, a gripping fantasy series from the authors of the bestselling 'DragonLance' books.

    Over 200 years have passed since the mystical Sovereign Stone was shattered and the world of Leorem faced its most dangerous test - the rise of the Dark Lord Dagnarus. And now Dagnarus has stirred from the Void, and seeks the utter conquest of all Leorem. Leading a seemingly unstoppable horde of bestial minions, and a host of fearsome undead Vrykyls, Dagnarus has conquered kingdom after kingdom and now stands before the gates of New Vinnengael itself.

    Drawn by a mysterious call, the Dominion Lords, protectors of Leorem, head for the Portal of the Gods, the mystical haunted site of Dagnarus's terrible treachery 200 years before. If all the parts of the sundered Sovereign Stone can be reunited there, Dagnarus's unholy plans for domination can be stopped - but one piece is still missing . . .

    As past and present converge in a desperate race to determine the future, an unlikely hero will arise. To save Leorem he must venture into a realm of utter terror and darkness . . . into the very blackness of the Void itself.

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