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    A High And Hidden Place

    By: Michele Claire Lucas

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    The riveting story of one woman's quest to discover her long-forgotten past - buried with 600 French civilians massacred by Nazis - and her ultimate reckoning with it.

    On the morning of 11 June 1944, a young girl is found clutching an iron pot in the burnt-out shell of her home. Taken to a convent, the child is reared believing her parents died during an influenza epidemic. Twenty years later, after a series of unexplained dreams and flashbacks, Christine Lenoir finally uncovers the truth.

    'A High And Hidden Place' follows a young woman trying to reconcile the religious faith of her upbringing with the horrifying acts perpetrated against her family and the people of her town during WWII. While it is a work of fiction, the book depicts the actual events in the small French farming community of Oradour during one day in 1944 and tells of a child who survives to struggle with the consequences of the tragedy.

    The novel follows Christine's quest as she tries to come to terms with the horrors of war - and still retain her faith.

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