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    A Story To Eat With A Dinosaur Apple: Phredde And The Leopard-Skin Lion


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    What do you do when your school librarian starts dressing in leopard-skin and goes off chasing dinosaurs?

    A school excursion to the Big Koala goes horribly wrong when Phredde, Pru and Bruce - and their vampire teacher Mrs Olsen, and Miss Richards, librarian and martial arts expert - head back into the time of the dinosaurs, not to mention giant marsupial lions, a dinosaur with diarrhoea and an exploding volcano.

    Who will save them? Can one kid, two phaeries, a vampire and a librarian dressed in leopard-skin survive in the past with just a laptop computer, a flying carpet and a plastic spoon?

    Another hilarious Phredde adventure that has it all - vampires, volcanoes, a lovesick werewolf and a cute six-metre tall budgie (with jaws that can crush a motorbike!).

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