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    Anonymous Rex

    By: Eric Garcia

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    Somewhere between Chinatown and Jurassic Park there's murder . . . deceit . . . and the best interspecies sex ever . . .
    Any detective hatched from an egg brings new meaning to "hard-boiled" . . . Meet Vincent Rubio, PI. He's your typical down-on-his-luck hard-boiled private investigator in Los Angeles: he's out of work; his car's been repossessed; his partner died under mysterious circumstances; he's got a substance abuse problem (basil is his weakness); and his tail just won't stay put. Because Vincent is a velociraptor, one of the many dinosaurs who still roam the earth, wrapped up in convincing latex costumes that help them blend perfectly into human society.

    When Vincent is called to investigate a two-bit case of arson at a hip dino nightclub, he discovers something sinister that lures him back to the scene of his partner's death, and a dangerous nexus of dinosaur and human intermingling . . .

    When classic tough detective noir fiction meets dinosaurs, you could only get something as amazingly funny, fast-paced and just plain wild as 'Anonymous Rex'.

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