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By: Julian Clary

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A haunting story of love and obsessiona Noel Coward is the toast of twenties societyaa brilliant playwright, composer and entertainer whose bon homie, witty songs and pithy lines hide a secret. Goldenhurst, his house in Kent, provides a refuge. A place where he can be himself. And more importantly where he can be with his lover, Jack, without fear of arrest or judgementa And so it would have remained if their idyll hadn't been ruined by the arrival of Noel's domineering mother, father and aunta Flash forward to present day and actor Richard Stent falls in love with the house and buys it from its current owner. But Richard has problems of his ownaGoldenhurst is supposed to be a respite from all his worries but this is a house with a very rich, and not always pleasant history. And more than one thing is about to go bump in the nighta
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2013

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