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    Churchill's Hour


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    In 1941, World War II appears to be going badly on many fronts. Churchill is the confirmed leader and so his domestic political struggles are slightly lessened, but battered, bloody and almost bankrupt, Britain limps on. Churchill knows his country cannot win the war alone.

    An alliance with America is paramount, and Churchill is determined to develop and use a friendship with Averell Harriman, American Ambassador to Britain and personal friend of President Franklin Roosevelt. But his son's wife exploits this connection first. Pamela Churchill's passionate affair, conducted under her father-in-law's roof, presents Churchill with an appalling dilemma: choosing between saving his country, and allowing his son Randolph to be cuckolded.

    America remained resolute against fighting, but by the year's close Pearl Harbor had forced the USA into the war. Why had the Japanese been persuaded to attack American targets? And how were the rumours of the attack prevented from reaching American ears? Decisions of love and war are often matters of perception. And so it was in this case.

    Churchill's Hour is an extraordinary novel of a man at bay, a nation facing disaster, and the political skills, human dilemmas and brilliant leadership that saved the day.

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