Cipher In The Blood

Cipher In The Blood by John Case
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John Case
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Joe Lassiter is an ex-FBI investigator on the run. Having failed to conceal his family's identity from the people who'd rather see them 'disappear' he sends his wife and step son to the safety of a secluded village in France while he seeks help from Father Graham. A man he knows little of but who he is forced to entrust with his secrets.

But Father Graham has his own agenda. The 'Research Director' of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Graham is intent on discovering the treasure of the Cathars and sends his research assistant, Corvo, to find the relic.

Corvo soon discovers the relic is not what it seems - that it is too old to be a relic of Jesus as he was led to believe by Graham. His search for answers leads him to meet with Baresi, the owner of a clinic attempting to clone Jesus using DNA from stem cells harvested from relics.

But Baresi's past is littered with dangerous secrets too. His mad trials having led to a Herodesque-slaughter of all the children resulting from his experiments. All except one. Lassiter's step son, Jesse...
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2011

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