CrocAttack by Assaf Gavron
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135 x 216mm
Out Of Print

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One winter morning Etan Enoch gets on the number five minibus in Tel Aviv and his life changes. A remark by a fellow passenger hurtles him from his comfortable life with his almost-wife and hi-tech job into a surreal journey where he finds himself in the midst of three terrorist attacks and becomes, against his will, an "attack celebrity." Fahmi Sabich from the El-Amari refugee camp follows his grandfather and brother on a journey of his own - one that passes exactly the same points, but from the other side - and becomes, in his turn, an anonymous hero of sorts.

CrocAttack is a novel about the fateful meeting of two ordinary people who become the principal actors of an irrational saga. But despite their circumstances, within the spider's web that surrounds them they manage to share moments of grace: a charming night with a girl in Jerusalem, a dreamy journey by donkey through the hills of Samaria, and even a few humane moments between the two of them, the 'enemies.'

CrocAttack depicts Israel in the early 21st century with sympathy and anxiety: an Israel of terror attacks and hi-tech security, of a patriotic media and celebrity worship. Moving between Tel Aviv and Ramallah, Jerusalem and Kafr Kasem, it conveys the reality of the conflict through the small details of individual lives: with pained laughter -- but with deep feeling -- it exposes the odd mix of suffering, confusion and disorder.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010
135 x 216mm

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