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    By: Craig Clevenger

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    Eric Norton has survived the conflagration of a clandestine desert drug lab, and is facing a battery of trafficking charges from being linked to the drug manufacture, as well as suffering from serious brain trauma. In an effort to remember as much as he can prior to his trial, he begins keeping a diary of events leading up to the accident, but his memories are a pastiche of people and events culled from drug slang, childhood fairy tales and Pentecostal Christianity.

    Each revelation of a flaw in his story renders every memory he's recovered obsolete, so Norton is perpetually being knocked back to square one with his mental, blank slate. It doesn't help that he's developed a serious habit while out on bail in order to stoke his mnemonic coals; as the past becomes clearer, the present becomes more and more hallucinatory. 'Dermaphoria 'is a tour-de-force black comedy, with a cast of madcap characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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