Fibber in the Heat

Fibber in the Heat by Miles Jupp
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Miles Jupp
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Fibber in the Heat is the true story of how Miles Jupp's obsessive love of cricket led him to bluff his way into the press corps during England's Test series in India. In a career lull after playing Archie the Inventor on children's show Balamory, Miles decides to try his hand at cricket writing. So with no journalism experience whatsoever, he pulls strings, begs favours, and tells a few little fibs to get the magic press pass that will surely be the ticket to his dreams... Miles finds himself drinking with David Gough and sharing bar room banter with Nassar Hussein. He swaps diarrhoea stories with the Test Match Special team and gets allocated such a rubbish seat in the press box that he can't actually see any cricket. Left out of the real journalists' clique, he is only saved from complete social embarrassment through the intervention of Sir Ian Botham. Yet despite the (semi) success of his plan, Miles realises that the lofty heights of the press box are no substitute for the passion and commitment of the real fans in the stands. A celebration of fandom and perfect for all cricket lovers, Fibber in the Heat is the hilarious and charming story of the highs and often slightly surreal lows of a summer Miles Jupp spent meeting his heroes, and getting completely out of his depth.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2012

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