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    By: Nigel Williams

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    As he hurtles towards the dreaded days of Saga Holidays and Viagra on tap, everything seems to be out of control - not just his waistline. As well as the usual mid-life-crisis symptoms (loss of hair, expanding girth, wanting to have sex in strange positions with women half his age), the character he's played for twenty-five years on the BBC radio soap opera 'General Practice' is about to be killed off. And, what's worse, his wife Estelle's career is flourishing (although he suspects her all-woman weaving collective, Craftgirls, is actually a hotbed of lesbianism).Will Paul make it to fifty? Does Estelle love him or is she having an affair with a dwarf called Hamish? Why are the upper echelons of the BBC populated by rubber-fetishist and cross-dressers? Oh - and why can't he remember the last time he had sex?

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