In Every Sense Like Love

In Every Sense Like Love by Vinci Simona
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129 x 198mm

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Vinci's second book is a set of prize winning short stories which show her growing maturity as a writer. Moving away from disturbing explorations of child sexuality but still preoccupied by physical extremism, she takes as her theme the definition of love in the twenty-first century. In an age when the individual is becoming increasingly absorbed by the corporate, are our own bodies the only things over which we have power? And are our physical urges the only way that we can begin to define what love is? In the artfully detached, enigmatic voice that Vinci is becoming known for, she tells us thirteen dark, strange tales of obsession. A brother and sister invite a stranger to join their incestuous relationship: a woman sews up her vagina to purify herself of men. Vinci never judges she lets us watch and understand. As in A Game We Play, her sensitive portrayal of behaviour often dismissed as deviant makes her a constantly interesting, challenging and original writer.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2002
129 x 198mm

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