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    Just A Little Disco On An Open-Top Bus

    By: Candy Guard

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    Welcome to the world of Edie Dudman, girl in a rut, circa 1982. Edie's life would be great if it weren't for the fact that everything always goes a bit wrong. She's the girl whose tights go twisty at the crotch. She's the girl whose mum has bits of crisp permanently glued to her teeth, whose boyfriend is a two-timing bastard and whose rabbit, Flopsie, is always swiping at her nastily with its paw.

    Still, at least she has a perfect ex-best friend to highlight her flaws even more intensely and a mean old one-legged neighbour to make her life hell. Throw in a dull job selling cream horns at Crustie's the Bakery and appreciate that it's a miracle Edie ever drags herself out of bed in the morning. But Edie is long overdue a sharp kick up the backside to make it off the Estate and into the Big Wide World.

    'Just a Little Disco on an Open-Top Bus' is a sheer delight with characters who will, almost literally, spring off the page and show you their faces with glee.

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