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    Killing Circle

    By: Andrew Pyper

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    Who is the Sandman? Myth‚ dream figure or serial killer?

    A murderer is terrorizing Toronto - each killing associated with sand.

    At the same time‚ depressed single father Patrick Rush joins a writing group. One of the writers‚ Angela‚ tells a mesmerizing story about a child-stealing killer‚ called the Sandman. For Patrick‚ fantasy and reality become dangerously confused as he comes to believe that he‚ too‚ is a target of the Toronto psychopath. But suddenly the killings stop - the nightmare‚ apparently‚ is over.

    Then members of the writing circle start to disappear and Patrick realizes that the real terror has only just begun. But it is only when his young son‚ Sam‚ is snatched that Patrick understands what he must do: embark on a horrifying journey into the unknown and track down the elusive figure known as the Sandman.

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