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    By: Stephen Cannell

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    The night when Beano 'King Con' Bates skimmed $86,000 from Joe 'Dancer' Rina at a closed-door poker session in New Jersey should have been his last. The crime boss doesn't take kindly to being cheated. Besides which his golf coach is recommending some serious work on his approach game. The result being the greatest scam artist on the East Coast winds up in intensive care with the imprint of a nine-iron in just about every part of his body. It could have been worse. A better player than Joe Rina would have killed him. Now King Con is back out of traction - and looking to put the Dancer down. His motives: his own injuries and the fact that his beloved cousin is brutally murdered before testifying against Rina. His method: the Mother of All Scams. A complicated and diabolical top dollar con that will destroy Joe Rina and his family. But first he needs just a little help from the FBI...

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