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    By: Joyce Maynard

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    The dog days of August . . . All summer long‚ thirteen-year-old Henry kept hoping that something different would happen‚ but it never did.

    Then‚ just as the Labor Day weekend gets under way‚ in the Pricemart where Henry's mother‚ Adele‚ on one of her rare forays out of the house and into the wider world has taken him to buy pants for school‚ a bleeding man approaches Henry and asks for help.

    Frank is a man with a secret‚ and a man on the run. Adele is a wounded soul whose dreams of family life and romantic dancing died years ago‚ even before her husband left her and their son. And Henry is a "loser" and a loner‚ a boy on the cusp of manhood who‚ over the next five days‚ will learn some of life's most valuable lessons: how to throw a baseball‚ the secret to perfect peach pie‚ and the importance of placing others--especially those you love--above yourself.

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