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    Mummy's Little Girl: A Heart-Rending Story of Abuse, Innocence and a Desperate Race to Save a Lost Child

    By: Jane Elliott

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    On a cold winter's night‚ a heavily pregnant teenage girl appears at a London hospital. She refuses to give her name‚ and gives birth to a baby girl. But immediately after the birth‚ she disappears‚ leaving the baby alone in the hospital. The child is named Dani after the midwife who delivered her‚ and is put up for adoption.

    Twelve years later Dani is living with a foster family. A vulnerable and unworldly girl‚ Dani is an inconvenience and always being blamed for things that aren't her fault. After being wrongly accused of performing an act of petty childish spite‚ Dani is sent to a children's home. The home is full of difficult children‚ who bully and victimise Dani. Terrified of both the children and the grown-ups‚ she runs away.

    Dani spends several nights on the streets of London‚ begging for food. When a stranger offers her something to eat and a place to sleep‚ she accepts gratefully. But what she does not know is that this man is a brutal pimp who tries to drag Dani into a violent‚ drug-fuelled world of prostitution.

    But unbeknown to Dani‚ her real mother - racked with guilt for abandoning her child all those years ago - has been trying to find her...

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