Newton's Fire

Newton's Fire by Will Adams
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Will Adams
Date Released
234 x 153mm
Out Of Print

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June 2016. Another scorching summer sparks wildfires worldwide. Droughts and famine leave millions homeless. Wars in the Middle East, terrorism at home, and a devastating earthquake that rips Jerusalem in two. The world trembles upon the brink of war.

Luke Keating, a young Isaac Newton scholar, finds a trove of long-lost Newton papers. Their elderly owner emails photos of the papers to her niece Rachel at the Bodleian Library, to get an estimate of their value. When wind of the find reaches Luke's American client, the message spreads his shadowy paymasters abroad.

Meanwhile in Israel, Avram Kohen, one of the mysterious financiers demands the leveling of Al-Aqsa and The Dome of the Rock. It has been his life's work, and he has amassed a radical private army willing to die for the cause. Now the papers have been found - the time of the Third Temple is upon them.

Back in England, the elderly lady who owned the papers is dead after a tragic accident. The papers are stolen and the house is burnt to the ground. Luke has been framed for murder and flees to Oxford to find Rachel and warn her of the danger headed for her. Under threat from all sides, they must find the hidden wisdom of the Newton papers, and prevent all out war engulfing the Middle East which could bring about the End of Days...
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2012
234 x 153mm

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