Next of Kin by David Hosp
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He never knew, and he never cared. Until now...

When Boston attorney Scott Finn agrees to defend Kevin McDougal, reprobate son of notorious mobster Eaman McDougal, he knows he's putting his reputation on the line – but he's hoping for even bigger fish to fry and this could be a way of reeling them in. In a city where mob crime once ruled, a core of corruption, greed, lies and deceit lingers and it seems that there are those at the top who will stop at nothing to achieve what they want.

BPD Detective Zachary Long, who has problems of his own, is called to a murder scene, and when the victim is identified, it brings Finn to a place he thought he'd never have to visit. With the help of his young charge, Sally Malley, colleague ex-detective 'Kos' Kozlowski and fellow attorney Lissa Krantz, he knows he has to find the truth. In his search for the answers, he uncovers a trail of murder, betrayal and revenge borne about by someone who could never forgive or forget.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2011

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