Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue by Belinda Jones
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Watching IShirley Valentine/I age 16 affected Sophie so profoundly that she made a pact with herself then and there that she would never become a taken-for-granted housewife. Twenty years on, she has successfully achieved this. In fact for the last few years Sophie has been all at sea literally and figuratively working aboard a cruiseship. She considers the lifestyle the absolute antithesis of housewifery travel, adventure, exotic flings She doesn't even have to do her own laundry or washing up, let alone get dinner on the table for some ungrateful man. (A team of international chefs are at her disposal!) She's got it made! But when a chance encounter takes her to the idyllic island of Crete, in the company of a man she's always thought of as the epitome of the unreconstructed chauvinist, Sophie finds her very rigid views on everything start to change. Seeing George's excitement at returning to the village in which he grew up makes her wonder whether there really is no place like home? And perhaps George isn't quite the cad she always thought him
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2008

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