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    By: Jose Latour

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    Elliot Steil, the son of a Cuban mother and a US labourer stationed on the island before the revolution, works as a down-and-out school teacher in Havana. Quietly resigned to the tedium of daily life, Elliot, like many of his fellow Havanans, has put any aspirations for a better future to one side. But his hopes are rekindled when he's offered a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity by a mysterious visitor to the island who claims to have known his father.

    Persuaded to leave Cuba, Elliot soon finds he has involved himself in something much more complex and dangerous than he could ever have imagined. Surviving the ordeal of the Florida Straits, he embarks on a search that will draw him deep into the deceit and corruption of the Miami underworld, forcing him to confront a past he has spent most of his adult life trying to forget.

    A smart, multi-voiced, multi-layered crime novel, 'Outcast' combines cultural critique, personal discovery and explosive violence.

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