Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones by John Drake
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216 x 135mm

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Seeking one more prize, John Silver captures Venture's Fortune, meeting the Charismatic McLonarch of McLonarch, who serves Bonnie Prince Charley. But he loses his wife, Selena, who despairing of Silver's career as a 'gentleman o' fortune', leaves for England to pursue a career on the stage.
Meanwhile Flint has deliberately brought virulent smallpox aboard the Navy squadron taking him to England, hideously killing almost everyone but himself and Billy Bones. Insisting that he's innocent he takes over the remaining ship and sets off for London, where he's tried for piracy.
But John Silver, aware that Flint holds the Treasure map, can't let him hang. In pursuit of riches, they flee England together for further adventures in America. With the threat of war with France and Spain, and a reckoning that leaves Flint lying dead, and Silver and Selena reconciled, a much-changed Silver bears guilt for the things he has done. He leaves Billy Bones with the Treasure Island map, off on his own, to the Admiral Benbow Inn where Stevenson's tale begins.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2010
216 x 135mm

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