Take Me Home

Take Me Home by Brian Leung
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210 x 142mm
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Like all classic stories, TAKE ME HOME begins with a homecoming: Adele "Addie" Maine returns to Dire Draw, a Wyoming coal mining town where decades earlier she tried to stop her husband from joining in the fray of the Rock Springs massacre of Chinese laborers. It's been forty years since Addie has had to face the ghosts of the past and the deadly events that drove her out of Wyoming without a word to her husband.
Years past: young red-haired Addie arrives by train from Kentucky to stay with her brother Tommy in Wyoming. Despite the urgent whispers about "coolies" by the train passenger next her, Addie comes West with an open mind towards the Chinese workers who are the brunt of so much hate. When Tommy's failure to farm brings the siblings to the coal mines, Addie comes into close contact with Chinese immigrants and one man in particular, Leo Hin Wing (Wing). The bond between the two is immediate and strictly forbidden. Despite their efforts at secrecy, Addie's husband, Muuk, who she marries out of necessity, grows obsessed with the knowledge that the child Addie is carrying cannot be his. In keeping her secret, protecting Wing's life, and fighting for what's right, Addie loses sight of the answers. It's only decades later, in coming home to see the man she wants to see most in the world and confront the man she's certain tried to take her life, that Addie finally learns the surprises and losses that await at the end of a difficult journey.
TAKE ME HOME is a searing novel that explores love in a time of violence, justice in a time of hate, and redemption in a time of loss.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2010
210 x 142mm

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