Tears Of A Class Clown

Tears Of A Class Clown by Sara Faith Alterman
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135 x 203mm
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Have you ever suffered from FUNNY GIRL SYNDROME? Are you the gal who makes people laugh? Are you considered "a lot of fun" and "a good sport"? Do all your male friends bring you their troubles and ask for your advice -- about their girlfriends? If so, you will relate to Nina -- a wry, hip, hilarious gal who is sure to make you laugh.

Just when you thought you'd put the past behind you— the forlorn crushes, the awkward fashions, the cliques, the pigeonholes, those rampant, raging hormones—it sneaks up on you when you least expect it, and suddenly you're invited to turn back the clock ten years. Your high-school class is reuniting, and it feels so . . . bad.

What happens when you're forced to choose between dwelling in the past and living for the future?

Nina Kurtz is every guy's gal. A bartender at Boston's Bellyaches Comedy Den, Nina's got the swiftest wit and a truckload of zingers, a combo that makes everyone from her Cockney sleazeball boss to her ruddy, good-natured regulars wonder what's keeping Nina behind the bar instead of up on stage. Nina's more concerned with her status as the Funny Girl—she seems resigned to a lifelong role of the girl "friend."

When that fateful piece of calligraphied mail arrives, that invitation to relive the high-school glory days, Nina's conflicted and somewhat mortified by the cards fate has dealt her. After all, though she was voted the Most Likely to Work in a Comedy Club, slinging cheap beer at a dingy dive probably wasn't what her classmates had in mind. Still, the only successful relationship Nina's had to date was with her high-school boyfriend, Jacob Ryan. Maybe slinking down memory lane isn't such a bad idea, if it means figuring out what the heck she did right romantically, all those years ago. . .
Publication Date:
25 / 10 / 2006
135 x 203mm

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