The Devil s Bounty

The Devil s Bounty by Sean Black

Sean Black
01 / 04 / 2014
160 x 241 x 33mm

A blood-soaked woman stumbles into Ryan Lock's hotel, desperately seeking his help. Almost incoherent from loss of blood she stammers 'You're my last chance. If you don't catch him and bring him back then they're going to kill me.' Her name is Melissa Warner. She had been the victim of a vicious rape. Her attacker, Charlie Mendez, was convicted of her attack and the drugging and raping of a dozen more women, when he fled justice and disappeared into the bad lands of Mexico. Now harboured by the murderous Mexican drug cartel, he is beyond the reach of the law. To bring him to justice, Lock will have to enter the no-man's land of the Mexican borders, where police corruption is rife, life is cheap and death comes quickly. His investigations lead him into a vicious criminal underworld and the tragic story of hundreds of missing local girls. And when Julia, an American on holiday in Santa Maria, is snatched, Lock's mission becomes even more urgent. Now he is fighting not just for justice but to save a young woman from a terrifying and violent end.
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