The Family Next Door

The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth
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154 x 233mm
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The safest suburbs often hold the deepest secrets. Such is the case for Essie, a mother of two. In a moment of maternal despair she once made a terrible mistake, one she will always regret. Essie has since recovered, but she fears what may still lurk inside her.

Her neighbours in Pleasant Court have their own issues. Driven and energetic, Ange appears to have everything under control, except perhaps her husband. The ever-practical, intellectual Fran can't stop running. For exercise, or something else?

One hot February day during an unprecedented Melbourne heatwave, a new neighbour arrives. Isabelle is single and childless, when everyone else is married, with kids. She is renting, when everyone else owns. Isabelle's job is mysterious and vague. Strangest of all, Isabelle is very interested in her new neighbours. Too interested, some might say.

It soon starts to become clear that Isabelle's choice of neighbourhood was no accident. And that her presence might bring even more secrets to light.
Publication Date:
27 / 02 / 2018
154 x 233mm
This book took me in at the first event Essie leaving her newborn at the park, I could not believe it and had to find out what happens. The story jumps into the future and suddenly I am captivated by four other characters: Barbara, Ange, Fran and Isabelle all have their very unique issues that they keep hidden. This novel delves into the minds of several families following five complicated women. In Pleasant Court, a community where everyone really is “Pleasant” and you are friends with all your neighbours, I can only say nothing is as it seems, no one is as they seem and there are so many interesting paths to follow. I did not see the big change coming, I love when that happens. Well done Sally Hepworth! - Sam-Maree (QBD)
, 09/02/2018
Have you ever thought about what secrets your neighbours have been keeping when they close there doors at night? I know I have. Well at Pleasant Court everyones secrets are being revealed and some of them are not so pleasant and others are down right disturbing. I'm not going to give to much away just that it's a must read for 2018. Sally has out done herself again. - Barbara (QBD)
, 23/01/2018

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