The Forgery of Venus Unabridged 9 690

The Forgery of Venus Unabridged 9/690 by Michael Gruber
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Chaz Wilmot's father is a famous illustration artist‚ in the vein of Norman Rockwell. Chaz has not only inherited his skill but has surpassed him and is in fact‚ an artistic genius. With a very ill son and an estranged wife whom he still loves but cannot provide for financially‚ Chaz accepts a commission to "restore" an antique fresco in a European castle. When he gets there‚ he discovers there's very little left to restore and the job is more of a "re-creation;" some would call it a forgery. And he does it brilliantly. His forgery is so good it leads to other opportunities. Backed by the son of a former Nazi‚ whose family wealth came from art stolen from victims of the Holocaust‚ Chaz embarks on a journey that tests not only his artistic genius‚ but his moral convictions.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009

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