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    The Geopolitics Of Emotion

    By: Dominique Moisi

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    In 1993 Samuel Huntington's IThe Clash of Civilizations /Ioffered a vision of a world divided by cultural differences, national interests, and political ideologies. In IThe Geopolitics of Emotion/I, Dominique Mosi brilliantly demonstrates that we are now in the midst of a 'clash of emotions'. Mosi contends that both Europe and the United States are dominated by a fear of the 'other' and of the loss of their national identity and purpose. For Muslims and Arabs, the combination of historical grievances, exclusion from the economic boon of globalization, and civil and religious warfare extending from their homelands to the Muslim diaspora has created a culture of humiliation that is quickly devolving into a culture of hatred. As the West and the Muslim world lock horns, Asia, able to concentrate on building a better future, has become 'the culture of hope'. By understanding the driving emotions behind our cultural differences, IThe Geopolitics of Emotion/I offers a better understanding of the world we live in and perhaps a more peaceful solution to the ignorance and differences that plague us.

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