The Golden Child

By: Wendy James

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Blogger Lizzy's life is buzzing, happy, normal. Two gorgeous children, a handsome husband, destiny under control. For her real-life alter-ego Beth, things are unravelling. Tensions are simmering with her husband, mother-in-law and even her own mother. Her teenage daughters, once the objects of her existence, have moved beyond her grasp and one of them has shown signs of, well, thoughtlessness ...

Then a classmate of one daughter is callously bullied and the finger of blame is pointed at Beth's clever, beautiful child. Shattered, shamed and frightened, two families must negotiate worlds of cruelty they are totally ill-equipped for.

This is a novel that grapples with modern-day spectres of selfies, selfishness and cyberbullying. It plays with our fears of parenting, social media and Queen Bees, and it asks the question: just how well do you know your child?
Publication Date:
23 / 01 / 2017
153 x 234mm
Golden Child
The Golden Child by Wendy James presents a confronting portrayal of the secret lives led by teenagers in an age where social media is king, and we are all but slaves to the act of blogging, posting and liking. Whilst James constructs interesting characters and a compelling plot, the execution is somewhat lacking and as a result the novel feels underdeveloped. There were so many opportunities to explore the underlying tensions and mysteries behind the characters, yet the writing failed to break through that first dimension. All in all, the novel is an interesting enough read for fans of Liane Moriarty and domestic drama.- Linda, QBD Shellharbour
QBD The Bookshop, 14/02/2017
The Golden Child
In the novel, ‘The Golden Child’, you follow, Beth, an Australian mother and online blogger, who raised two daughters to be their best and aim high in life. When she received news from her husband about a job in their home country, Australia, she tells her daughters almost straight after school. However, one of the two daughters, Charlie, took it pretty hard; arguing that she had a life there with friends and a place where she could call home. This didn’t prevent the family from moving to Australia of course and it didn’t stop Charlie expressing her disgust with almost everything once they settled into their new house – which has a view of the ocean! It couldn’t get any worse could it? Of course it can get worse. Rumours fly by and Beth and her husband eventually discover that cyber bullying has taken place in the family. They could only hope the rumours weren’t true – but what if they were? Wendy James takes family situations to a higher level, involving the confronting horrors of the online world with online ‘trolls’ and cyberbullying. This book is really one of kind, involving 21st Century technology and how a mother like Beth, could deal with cyberbullying. Although this is a fiction novel, it can be applied to real life to perhaps teach a lesson about the online world.
Carindale, 14/02/2017
The Golden Child
Wow! A gripping story right from the beginning!! I loved how the story-line is set in Australia, as it feels very close to home. Having teenagers myself, I could relate to the modern day parenting issues that we face every day. Even though the themes were confronting and quite shocking at times, I couldn't put it down as it gave me an insight into the world of cyber-bulling. This book will be perfect for book clubs as it will create real discussion about REAL life!! - Roxanne, QBD Strathpine
Strathpine, 13/02/2017
Golden Child
Australian author Wendy James new book 'The Golden Child' is a must read for all families with teenagers daughters or any teenagers for that matter. The story follows main character Beth and her family as they deal with the impact of her daughters' involvement in a horrific incident at the their school. This is a very modern and gripping suburban mystery that not only delves into cyber-bulling and selfishness but also the duality of existence in a technological world. If you're a fan of Liane Moriarty or Christos Tsiolkas then you will love this book. It will keep you guessing until the very end and is highly recommended.- Jess, QBD Indooroopilly
Indooroopilly, 13/02/2017
The Golden Child By Wendy James
If you think you know what your kids are dealing with these days this book will be a wake up call. Do we really know what's going on with our children? The Golden Child introduces us to a normal family that could be yours or mine a full time working dad a at home mum who is a blogger shearing the joy of bringing up 2 daughters one a little shy and one outgoing . The struggles of today's per pressure the internet and bullying . This book is a serious look into how things can go wrong even when you think your paying attention how the internet makes people feel empowered and that they have the right to say what they want even if it hurts someone. This book is full of family drama and keeps you on your toes to the end. - Karen, QBD Runaway Bay
QBD, 12/02/2017
The Golden Child By Wendy James
"The Golden Child" by Wendy James is a great read. It took me a few chapters to really get into it but once I was invested I couldn't put it down. It's about a very topical subject, the dangers of cyber bullying and how families are affected. How do you accept that your popular, perfect daughter is not who you think she is. This unbelievable story continually keeps you guessing to the very last twist. -Jo, QBD Runaway Bay
QBD, 12/02/2017
Smart and snarky!
I settled down to read The Golden Child, and before I knew it, I was 100 pages in and thoroughly invested in the story. Wendy James has written a sharp, clever, and engaging story, with an unnerving plot. I particularly love her snark when writing the comments on Beth's online alter-ego's blog - there are definitely a few recognisable commenters in there! - Maddie, Toombul
Toombul, 12/02/2017
Absorbing Australian thriller
Liane Moriarty meets Justine Larbalestier's 'My Sister Rosa' in this domestic thriller from Australian author Wendy James. Even though it is not my usual genre, 'The Golden Child' sucked me in as Beth's perfect life (blog, career, family) started to unravel. The book really nails the disconnect between Beth's cheery blog posts and her actual, growing sense of unease. It also ends with a clever twist, which changed how I looked at the entire story and made me want to read it again.
Morayfield, 11/02/2017
The Golden Child
This gripping read automatically brings you to question how well you can trust your own judgement and how well you truly know those around you. When Wendy James tackles the issue of every day families trying to navigate raising children in a world ruled by selfies, popularity, rivalries and the internet its so familiar you can easily place yourself into either families position. And that was a rather haunting experience that left me with shivers! A truly engaging, intriguing and shocking read that was compelling until the very end!- Caitlyn Foss, QBD Werribee
Werribee, 11/02/2017
The Golden Child
Fans of Liane Moriarty will love this book! I was hesitant to start this at first as it is not my usual genre, but by page 22 I was on the edge of my seat itching to find out what comes next.Wendy James delivered a brilliant psychological drama in 'The Golden Child' featuring current and real issues, and makes you question whether or not you really know your children... - Jess Australia Fair
Australia Fair, 10/02/2017
Realistic and Modern
One of Australia's most successful authors, Wendy James, has recently released the most realistic modern day novel as it grapples with intense cyber-bullying among teenage girls. James' ability to fictionalise prevalent issues surrounding adolescents and families is remarkable. Touching the hearts of many mothers across the nation The Golden Child questions the common theory of "mums know best." How well do mothers actually know their children? - Kirsty, QBD Townsville
QBD, 10/02/2017
The Golden Child
While this probably won't be added to my favourites pile, The Golden Child was definitely a good read - Fast paced, with blog entries to break up the narrative and show different sides to the characters within the book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Liane Moriarty, and wants to support Australian authors. This is a real sit down and read in one go book - it grips you from the first few chapters, and gets you thinking about today's teens - Shoshana, QBD Hornsby.
Hornsby, 10/02/2017
The Golden Child
Australian author Wendy James’s captivating new release The Golden Child is about Beth Mahony, whose online alter ego, Lizzy, is living a perfect life; however, Beth’s real life isn’t doing so great. After recently moving back to Australia, to the town she grew up in, Beth is struggling to adjust. Her husband has started his new job while her two daughters have just settled into high school; but then her youngest daughter, Charlotte, is accused of bullying one of her classmates. Now two families must navigate their way through a heart wrenching situation while questioning how well they truly know their children. Wendy James has written a clever domestic drama, that shines light upon parental anxieties and how families cope when the true nature of their child is not as perfect as it seems. By the use of blog posts, social media and alternating perspectives the characters become realistic and the book becomes thought provoking and definitely a story worth reading. - Ashlee, QBD Toowoomba
Toowoomba, 09/02/2017
The Golden Child
There were a number of things I really liked about Wendy James' "The Golden Child" - It opens with the suggestion that one of the teenage girls has done something evil, something shocking and unfathomable to another child at their school. - It was an easy read, however it very quickly became suspenseful and left you wondering what this child could have done. - Rather than a "Who dunnit" it was a... "What did she do?" - The author is Australian, and it is always refreshing to read of places and customs and habits we are familiar with. - The story was suspenseful and it was hard to put down. But there is a twist at the end.... - Chrystina, QBD Mt Ommaney
Mt Ommaney, 09/02/2017
This Book Will Leave You Breathless, Promise
I honestly thought I was going to guess the end of this book, but alas, I was completely wrong. The twists and turns Wendy James presents in this novel left me breathless. In fact, I almost missed my bus on several occasions just because my head was buried neck deep in this fantastic read. Fans of Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult, and Christos Tsiolkas' "The Slap", will definitely be fans of this family thriller. And I guarantee you'll never guess the end. We sure didn't, here in Brisbane City. - Georgia, QBD Brisbane City
Brisbane City, 09/02/2017

I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. Being the mother of two teenage daughters myself it was interesting reading about the challenges that teens face when it comes to social media. I also loved the writing style and how the author incorporated many different opinions on the same subject.- Yvonne, QBD Kawana
QBD Kawana, 09/02/2017
The Golden Child
A brilliantly written book that will have you gripped to the end. This book is great for fans of Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult and anyone who really enjoys an easy read that also has those page turning twisted endings. - Maylee, QBD Maroochydore
Maroochydore, 09/02/2017
Nature vs. Nuture
Wendy James presents a tale that incorporates contemporary themes and encapsulates the hardships of parenting children born into the age of technology, cyber-bullying and narcissism. A mother's love is supposed to be more potent and unconditional than anything in this world. However, Beth discovers this may be difficult to uphold when her family relationships start to crumble and her child, Charlotte, is accused of being the instigator of the cruel bullying of a fellow classmate, Sophie. James's writing style is intriguing and provides the reader with the ability to empathise with both the perpetrator and victim. James also demonstrates how families can be heavily affected and become secondary victims in these situations. It leaves us pondering the age old questions surrounding nurture vs. nature, and deliberating the possibilities that good parenting doesn't necessarily equate to good children. 'The Golden Child' is a extremely eye-opening read and identifies current issues, whilst also providing a fantastic and intriguing novel. - Hannah, QBD Marion
Marion, 09/02/2017
Shocking, compelling, and always insightful - a must read!
Australian author Wendy James casts a sharp eye over the anxieties of being a parent, especially when a child may not be as perfect as they seem. With alternating perspectives and blog posts throughout, the characters' lives are entwined in the midst of a shocking turn of events. This suspenseful novel offers a fascinating portrayal of the relationship between parents and teens - it gripped me from beginning to end! - Eugenia, QBD Miranda
Miranda, 09/02/2017
A Riveting Read
The Golden Child is a compelling domestic thriller that will keep you up all night, turning the pages with anticipation! The story cleverly weaves in multiple perspectives and examines the complexities of parenting in the digital age with confronting candor. Wendy James delves into the world of cyber-bullying with revelations throughout the chapters that had me gasping in shock. It will have you asking yourself if you can ever truly know someone, even your own child. If you are a fan of Liane Moriarty, you simply can't miss out on this riveting read! - Ellie, QBD Darwin
Darwin, 08/02/2017

For the most part this book was enjoyable to read. It was very intriguing, the plot well crafted, and the depictions of cyber-bullying were very realistic. The writing, however, was 'plain' and boring at best. Wendy James went on and on about minuscule plot points and there was very little difference in the voices of the characters to the point where without the characters name at the beginning of each chapter, I would not have know whose point of view the chapter was from. The tense was also all over the place and extremely confusing. If this book were in any other genre I probably would have put it down, it was purely the intrigue that kept me reading. - Eleanor, QBD Hornsby
Hornsby, 08/02/2017
The Gold Child by Wendy James
OMG! I read this book in 3 days. It's very different from any other story I've read. It's very current, a bit creepy and you will question everything and try to read between the lines to work out what's going on in the book and also what's going on within your own family. Chilling but not in a way you will expect! Recommended for anyone with children - Allison, QBD Erina
Erina, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
When I read the glowing reviews about this book I was optimistic about reading it. However, this book did not live up to the reviews for me – in fact, it was a real effort for me to finish it. Unfortunately, I found The Golden Child tedious to read, predictable and totally lacking in any substance. - Steve, QBD Tuggerah
Tuggerah, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
This book is OK if you need a book to pass the time. When it comes to Australian author Wendy James is a poor version of the Moriarty sisters. Found it a little difficult at times to read due to the way Wendy writes. She seems to "waffle on" without getting to the point. This book is something to read when there is nothing else to read. - QBD Liverpool.
Liverpool, 08/02/2017
An all too familiar and sinister story
The Golden Child was a very compelling read. While I was initially dubious as I am not generally a fan of the genre, it pulled me in right away with the interesting characters and sinister story. It tells the story of a seemingly ordinary family faced with an awful situation when one of their daughters is accused of viciously bullying a classmate. It was interesting to read the story from the points of view of different characters, as the story slowly unfolded. It was easy to sympathise with the mothers as they realised to their horror that they didn't know their daughters as well as they thought. I felt the climax of the story was somewhat unbelievable as I wasn't convinced of the characters' motives, and the twist at the end was a little bit of a let down after so much buildup. However I found it incredibly engaging all the way through and have no hesitation in recommending it. -Eleanor, Chatswood
Chatswood, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
How well do you know your children? 'The Golden Child' by Australian author Wendy James is a poignant, chilling story about raising children and family dynamics. Fans of Liane Moriarty will enjoy James' easy writing and accessible language, and a story that keeps you hooked until the last page. A domestic thriller, with elements of a mystery and a twist that you won't see coming, this is a fantastic read that you won't put down until you finish it! - Mel QBD Knox City
QBD, 08/02/2017
I really enjoyed this book. It follows the lives of two different families and how they cope with teenage bullying. What happens though when your child is the bully? This novel explores how cruel children can be to each other for no other reason than you aren't pretty enough or cool enough. I tell you it makes me happy there was no internet when I was in school. As the bullying goes into the online world, it shows how children these days have now way to get away from their harassers. A thought provoking novel with a nice twist at the end, I would highly recommend this novel.- Danielle, QBD Plenty Valley
Plenty Valley, 08/02/2017
Must Read!!!
"But now she must rethink everything. Because if good children are proof of good parenting, then what about bad children?" The Golden Child is a clever and original depiction of family life in all its fragility. Wendy James leads her audience as if blindfolded through a complex tale of tenuous friendships, parental expectation and ignorance. Just when you think you've successfully navigated this surprisingly honest and at times brutal portrayal of bullying and harassment, James removes the blindfold leaving us even more in the dark about what drives these complex characters. Slightly darker than Liane Moriarty's novels but one her readers will also enjoy. -Nola Killeen, Fountain Gate QBD
QBD, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
For fans of Liane Moriarty. From Aussie author Wendy James comes a suspenseful can't-put-down novel that kept me riveted to the very last page. Highly recommended! - Sal, QBD Hurstville
Hurstville, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
For any parent, this book is going to be a startling read … in all the best ways. I couldn't help thinking of my own children and wondering, which created both heart-wrenching and -warming moments, and a real kick at the end. I almost choked on my peppermint tea! It seems so real; James manages to use some very contemporary online styles to really bring the story into your own living room. Liane Moriarty fans will love the tight, domestic plot progression, and Gillian Flynn fans will enjoy the wide open psychological vistas. An excellent new Australian voice to really come to grips with. - Jeremy, Doncaster
Doncaster, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
This novel is based around a “normal” family living in America: Dad, Dan, provides a good life for his family; Mum, Beth, is a blog writer; Daughters, Lucy – a quiet achiever – and Charlie, popular, clever and charismatic. After learning that they are to return to Australia for Dan's job, an incident occurs at Charlie's school for which she takes the blame. The family's return to Australia creates many challenges and the lives of this seemingly normal family take unexpected and disastrous turns. Dealing with issues such as cyber bullying, peer domination, social media and parenting, this book scarily confronts us with the multitude of nefarious influences that children today can come face to face with and the long lasting consequences that follow in their wake. We all may think we have the “golden child” who could never be capable of despicable acts but how would we react if confronted with the truth? I thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking novel that is perfect for fans of Liane Moriarity and Jodi Picoult – be prepared to lose yourself in this engrossing read! - Helen, QBD Tweed Heads
Tweed Heads, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child
This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys a light but twisted read. We found this book to be incredibly similar in style to Liane Moriarty who is one of our all time favorites. You will be on the edge of your seat wondering "is she going to die?" "what will happen if she does?" "Is this teenage girl perfection or the monster she appears to be?" "what kind of mother doesn't see this going on under her nose?". So many twists and turns. We recommend this book to any Mum who has ever wondered what goes on when her back is turned!
QBD - Highpoint, 08/02/2017
The Golden Child Review by Rebekah
Meet Lizzy, a blogger whose life is fully under control: her relationship with her husband are steady and her children are well-mannered and behaved. Behind the keyboard, however, is Beth. Life for her is not as grand. Everything appears to be crumbling: things with her husband is tension-filled and to top it off her children’s behaviour is out-of-line and the repercussions of their actions reflect badly on her. In the Golden Child by Wendy James you follow the lives of Beth and her Alter ego Lizzy. Lizzy’s perspective is written in the style of a blog while Beth’s story follows the traditional novel structure. The incorporation of these different styles is unique, exciting and creative. What I loved most about this novel, however, is how relatable it is and most importantly how it emphasizes the severity of issues such as cyber bullying, that we currently face today. - Rebekah, QBD Browns Plains
Browns Plains, 08/02/2017
Would you know if you were raising a sociopath?
For me, the Golden Child by Wendy James was a surprisingly enjoyable and enthralling read. The story is told through differing perspectives which allows you to see through the eyes of the bully and the bullied. Each chapter digs deeper into the scary world children are facing today of cyber-bullying. What I found the most captivating about The Golden Child was the differing perspectives of Beth's real life self and her online blogging self. This book will have you second guess the polished mummy blogs and wonder if their lives are as perfect as they post. If you like the social thrillers like those written by Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult or Christos Tsiolkas and the suspenseful thriller Girl on the Train, you will love this book! - Sarah Canberra Centre QBD
Canberra Centre, 07/02/2017
The Golden Child
When I started this one I figured it was just a standard family angst story. What I got, "was a close to home" story that reflects a lot of the current headlines in social media; Cyber bullying and the age old debate of nature vs nurture. But what made me love it was the book referencing of one of the characters that pointed to the author really being someone who lived in Australia. - Allison QBD Pacific Fair
Pacific Fair, 07/02/2017
The Golden Child
The Golden Child shines a light on a very important topic, Bullying. Whether it be cyber bullying, at school, at work or at home. We live in a world where bullying is a every day existence and for some it exists more than others. You never know someone’s full story. Be kind, always. - Kelly QBD Pacific Fair.
Pacific Fair, 07/02/2017
The Golden Child
The Golden Child makes me terrified to have children in this modern age day of social media and the cyber-bullying that can sometimes come with it. The story deals with the problems that arise when a child, who you thought was perfect, starts committing acts of bullying in school and online, which also has social repercussions for you as a parent as other parents start to gossip. If you're after a interesting read by an Aussie author I highly suggest The Golden Child. - Andrew, QBD Pacific Fair.
Pacific Fair, 07/02/2017
Enthralling & Captivating!
The Golden Child is a haunting and compelling story that tackles the complexities of being a parent, along with the disturbance that can set in when you begin to realise that your perfect child isn't so perfect after all. This is a remarkable book that grasped me from the very first page. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Jodi Picoult, The Golden Child paints an engaging picture of tension and tragedy - this is a book that will have you on the edge of your seat!
Garden City, 07/02/2017
This book is one of those truly unputdownable titles. I was intrigued from just the blurb and continued to be captivated and heartbroken throughout. This is a modern tale that navigates the in and outs of a touchy and increasingly present subject - bullying. And of how the lives of more than just one person is affected in this situation. I found that Wendy James knew exactly how to make me feel for each and every character with her beautiful writing and is perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty.
QBD, 07/02/2017
The Golden Child by Wendy James
After I had read the first 2-3 pages, I wasn't sure whether I was going to like this book. But then from page 4, the book became very quirky and interesting and I was very intrigued how the book was going to pan out. Using Blogs / Social Media posts as a way to help tell the story was a very clever idea and kept my attention. It is one of those books where you need to know what happens next, so before you know it, you have been reading for a lot longer than you planned to. I actually enjoyed it more than Liane Moriarty's The Husband's Secret. - Peter, QBD Epping
Epping, 07/02/2017
Great story, challenging characters...
It has been said that women would run the world if they weren't too busy destroying each other: This stark culture permeates every relationship within The Golden Child, jostling mothers, daughters, siblings and friends as toxic rivals with an ever-speculative need to comment on each others' lives. As Beth blogs about the minutiae of such relationships, chronicling her life with a “nice”(bland) husband and two “perfect”(fake) daughters, a series of shocking and tragic events always involving her daughters – in both the real world and online - deeply challenge her perspective. You will love this contemporary Australian drama for the intricate portrayal of relationships between women, from pre-teen to grandmother-hood, and for the harrowing portrayal of the consequences of bullying. Ultimately, I was puzzled by the protagonist's lack of introspection, and her inability to recognise the way her own biases and behaviours influenced her own children. Think: The Golden Child is Tina Fey's Mean Girls crossed with Christos Tsiolkas' The Slap, as if written by MamaMia. - Amy, QBD Elizabeth.
QBD, 06/02/2017
Bullying is every parent's worst nightmare. As parent you think you know your child well enough, but do you really? Wendy James draws attention to this very topic and consumes her readers by using everyday characters to which we can all relate to. It centres around a mother who is a mummy blogger and her family (husband and 2 tween girls). They seem to be a normal family but when things take a turn involving her 12 year daughter and bulling, her world comes spiraling down. From start to finishes this book captivates you as you want to know what happens but I loved the ending the best which had a twist I never saw coming. Another great Australian author to add to my ever growing list of favourite authors. - Fabiola, QBD Werribee
Werribee, 06/02/2017
The Golden Child
The Golden Child is a gripping novel easily devoured in a day. Wendy James makes you question everything about parenting, and really makes you wonder whether good parents can have bad children. A must read for fans of Liane Moriarty, this book brings you in to the world of both parents and children going through the trials and tribulations of school life: moving to a new town, making friends, fitting in, and bullying. This book is an excellent read that you won't want to put down! -Danielle, QBD Robina
Robina, 04/02/2017
Captivating Local Read!
Mummy Blogger Lizzy prides herself on having the perfect life. She has two beautiful daughters, an adoring husband, and is just about to move back to Australia after a decade-long stint in The United States. But her daughter is starting to act up in school and Lizzy is thrown into unfamiliar territory. Could her daughter be as cruel as people are saying? Set in the gorgeous sea-side city of Newcastle, The Golden Child weaves a fast-paced plot that questions your morals and leaves you breathless. I read this in a matter of hours; the pages practically turned themselves! With interesting characters set against a spectacular backdrop, this is a brilliantly written novel from Newcastle author Wendy James. If you like Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult or Christos Tsiolkas, than you'll LOVE this book! - Abby, QBD Kotara
QBD, 04/02/2017
The Golden Child
This is not a book that I would normally pick up but I thought I'd give it a go & I throughly enjoyed it. The story centres around Blogger Beth who has a happy, normal life. Two beautiful children and a devoted husband but her world starts to unravel when a young girl at her daughters school is bullied by one of her daughters. This is a great book that tackles one of the biggest issues today; cyber bullying and will play on your fears of parenting & social media. If you love Liane Moriarty you're sure to love 'The Golden Child' - QBD Blacktown
Blacktown, 04/02/2017
The Absolute Must Read of 2017
The Golden Child is a thrilling domestic drama, full of mystery and intrigue. It will keep you guessing until the very end and questioning how well you really know the people you are close to! The novel is set in modern day Newcastle and follows the lives of two families with everyday ups and downs. Their lives are thrown into chaos though when a horrifying case of online bullying occurs. The consequences are shocking and we see each character struggle, through a series of blog posts to come to terms with what has happened. The Golden Child will pull at the heart strings of any parent who has ever had doubts about their parenting choices. What happens when your child isn’t as perfect as you thought they were? Do you forgive, forget, justify, blame others or is it all your fault? Definitely a fantastic read that is cleverly written and with a huge twist that you may not see coming, the Golden Child will keep you up all night. It will leave you with a rather chilling feeling, and maybe looking at your children sideways and wondering who they really are! - Toni, QBD Loganholme
Loganholme, 03/02/2017
Blogs, Bullies, and Beth
The Golden Child is an engaging and absorbing read; it is by turns intriguing, heartbreaking, and terrifying. Wendy James casts a shrewd eye over the trials and tribulations of parenting in modern day Australia, as a blogging mum Beth faces the only nightmare worse than finding out that your child is being bullied: finding out that it's your child doing the bullying. The Golden Child is a riveting family drama reminiscent of Liane Moriarty. The switching of narrative perspectives and the blog posts scattered throughout keep things fresh and interesting. Parents, especially those of high school age children, will find it disturbingly relatable, but it's a riveting read whether you have offspring or not! - Sarah, QBD Pacific Fair
Pacific Fair, 03/02/2017
The Golden Child
A heartbreaking and enthralling drama, The Golden Child is full of all the anxieties every parent has for their children - It certainly made me question myself as a mum. Its brilliant yet dark with an ending I could not have predicted, I loved it! the incorporation of blogging throughout kept the book relatable. Its a must for fans of Liane Moriarty. - Peta, QBD Mt Druitt
Mt Druitt, 02/02/2017
The Golden Child - Wendy James
Every parent out there should read this! I was really amazed by the questions that this book raised and got me thinking about. What really goes on with our children when we are not looking? What are they really capable of? Are they really the apple of ones eye? Am I a bad parent? This novel is a journey through the relationships our children have with each other and the trials of being a parent in the digital age. You experience the story from multiple perspectives as Wendy James introduces us to the world of social media and cyber bulling in a way we could never have imagined. - Belinda, QBD Charlestown
Charlestown, 01/02/2017
The Golden Child
'The Golden Child' is a brilliant and very relevant domestic drama/thriller. Wendy James tackles the current and frightening topics of selfie culture, blogging and cyber-bullying whilst cleverly tapping in to parental anxieties. A very thought-provoking piece of fiction. -Rose, QBD Chermside
Chermside, 01/02/2017
The Golden Child
This is a very confronting novel that deals with bullying, both in-person and online. Wendy James makes us think, “How well do we really know our own children?” Beth is a mother to two beautiful children, both very clever and with lots of friends. The younger sister Charlotte is twelve and a leader, always in the popular crowd at school. She is accused of seriously hurting another girl at school unintentionally. Beth doesn’t understand why her “good girl” is accused. Shortly after this event the family moves from America back home to Australia – after being away about ten years – and the incident gets pushed to the background. In Australia the two girls Lucy and Charlotte start at a new school, while Beth also makes new friends. Once again a very serious bullying event takes place and one young girl, Sophie, attempts suicide and is in a coma for weeks. Again Charlotte is blamed. All through the drama Charlotte protests her innocence, yet other girls still come out and accuse her of being the instigator of the online bullying that led to Sophie’s attempt. How do “bad children” come from “good families”? Snippets are shown throughout the book from Each webpage discussion is illuminating, and leads us to see Charlotte in a new light. I did not want to read this novel. I thought it would be too confronting, as I have teenage daughters myself and can sometimes feel overwhelmed with issues facing teens today. However, once I started reading I wanted to finish to see how things worked out. “The Golden Child” turns out to be a very twisted psychological read with a seriously disturbed child. -Kerryn, QBD Northland
QBD the bookshop, 01/02/2017
The Golden Child
The Golden Child is a fantastic novel set in Australia. It is a gripping read that hooks you in with relatable characters dealing with real issues. I finished it within just a few days as I couldn't wait to find out what happens! This is the first novel I have read by Wendy James and it definitely won't be the last. A perfect read for fans of Liane Moriarty. - Bel, Hurstville
Hurstville, 01/02/2017
Immersive reading
After having read Liane Moriarty and liking her writing a whole lot, I was keen to pick this book up - and I wasn't disappointed. Wendy James has a wonderfully easy style of writing and an engaging voice. But most importantly for me, the plot was character driven. I really enjoy when authors put their characters into moral dilemmas, because it's always interesting to watch how they deal with some of the most impossible things. I also felt that the content of the book was something worth exploring, what with the Internet being so present in children's lives these days, and how fragile children are to the opinions of others. The Golden Child is a book you can immerse yourself in after a long day, and get so swept up in the worries of the characters that you forget your own.-Andrée, QBD Woodgrove
Woodgrove, 01/02/2017
Cyber bullying. Those two words can send a shiver down the spines of any parent (me included!). We are more aware of the dangers of social media in today's society than ever before. This is why The Golden Child is such a clever and enthralling read. Wendy James (another Australian author making her mark) novel is totally absorbing and thought provoking as it explores these issues through both the parents and children's perspectives. Very difficult to put down and it will keep you interested right up until the very last page. -Julie, QBD Woodgrove
Woodgrove, 01/02/2017
Infuriatingly good
I won't lie, this book made me angry. Every turn, the characters made a choice which as an outsider I was screaming at them to do the opposite, but also I couldn't deny that if it were me, I'd do the same. When the truth comes out about who your daughters really are, Wendy captures the greatest challenge faced by all middle class parents; where's the line between providing opportunities and spoiling? Allow James to infuriate you, break your heart and hook you until the last page. - Karrie, QBD Penrith
QBD, 01/02/2017
Solid Gold
What parent really knows what their child is up to, and what they're thinking? Nothing is what it seems in this picture (well, blog) perfect family. I had to stay up to 1am just to confirm my suspicions. Phew, what a twist. It just kept unraveling, right up to the last page. I think this would be a great book for people who love Liane Moriarty's take on the dark side of suburbia, and definitely feels relevant in an age of cyber bullying, internet personas, and "mean girls". The changing perspectives, and blog entries were included seamlessly, showing the difference between the person we are in real life, and the person we pretend to be on the internet. -Karina, QBD Belconnen
Belconnen, 31/01/2017
The Golden Child
Another terrific addition to the ever expanding club of Australian woman writers shining a spotlight on the issues of the suburban landscape. Relationships, cultural identity, growing up in a cyber age and the choices we make about who we are and what we want from life. Meet Beth and Dan, the parents of Lucy and Charlotte. They believe that they have done an excellent job of raising their girls; Lucy is smart and loyal to a close group of friends, Charlotte is beautiful and popular. But what if what you see is not what is really going on? Can you be blinded by your love and hopes for your children? What will you do when the truth comes out? The Golden Child is an insightful and genuinely moving book about what it means to be a parent in the twenty-first century. - Rachel & Holly, QBD Woden
QBD Woden, 31/01/2017
Brightly Sparkling Malice
There was a particular description on page 150 that struck me as being exactly spot on as to what this book contains. "Brightly Sparkling Malice" Full of characters that keep you guessing and will have you riding a rollercoaster from start to finish, think Liane Moriarty writing James Patterson characters...Something for everyone! The Golden Child is a great read. I read through it reasonably quickly and found it very emotive and suspenseful, I found my self wondering exactly which character was filling which role, not a negative at all, it made the book that much more of a page turner! It is very well written by an Australian author of great talent. I had said to people from the very first chapters, that there was a unique darkness to this book, and the shadowy feeling I got carried all the way through to the very end of the story. And what an ending. If you've ever felt creeped out by the child villain of a horror movie, if you love books set in Australia by FANTASTIC Aussie authors and you enjoy reading anyone from JAMES PATTERSON and LEE CHILD to LIANE MORIARTY and JODI PICOULT with a little hint of PAULA HAWKINS, grab yourself a copy and ask yourself one question: DO BAD CHILDREN HAPPEN TO GOOD PARENTS? Sam, QBD Eastland
QBD Eastland, 31/01/2017
The Golden Child
Wendy James is an Australian author who describes modern suburban drama with an amazing flair. Her latest novel, “The Golden Child”, follows blogger mother Beth as her family moves back to Australia after raising their two daughters in America. From the outside, this family of four may look quite picturesque, but as the author delves a little under the surface, the cracks begin to show. Wendy James encapsulates what it's like to be a parent in the modern world of social media accounts and keyboard warriors. Internet sites created to engage people and bring them closer can also bring out the villain in some user's who see no accountability for their online behaviour. But what if it's your thirteen year old daughter who is the one behind the screen? This novel is a must read for fan's of Liane Moriarty- for reader's who want a novel that can hit alarmingly close to home. - Erin, QBD Cairns
Cairns, 31/01/2017

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