The Players by Martin Zander
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In the bestselling tradition of The Game comes a novel about seduction, how to get it, how to use it - and how to flunk it.

Martin's debut revolves around the sexual lives of two MTV Generation friends and former college roommates. It is also a frank, shocking and hilarious look at the tricksters, con-artists and moral reprobates who call themselves Pick-Up Artists.

Pete is twenty-five, loaded and an utter failure with women. A broken man after another botched relationship, he enlists the help of his old college friend C.J., a brash American with supreme self-confidence and a total legend in seduction circles, to help him overcome his fear of rejection and build up a database of techniques and tactics for attracting women.

Together they embark on an epic tour across Europe, from the red lights of Amsterdam to the party town of Reykjavik. Along the way, they'll meet a whole range of women -- from gorgeous single mothers in Munich (with strings attached) to nymphomanic Austrian girls and lager-lout Swedes. One girl in particular, however, will blow them away. Their pursuit of her becomes an obsession, and a challenge, neither man can resist.

The question is, will the complex methods of a Pick-Up Artist be enough to win her over?

The Players is the fiction successor to The Game. Brilliantly conceived as a dual-narrative, all the methods and tactics included in here have been field-tested and drawn from real-life experience. Crude, disturbing, at times offensive but always very funny, Martin's first novel will tap into the emergent 'fratire' genre. A sure-fire hit with any man who wants to know about women (that'll be all of them, then.).
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2008

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