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    The Siege: Three Days of Terror Inside the Taj

    By: Cathy & Levy Adrian Scott-Clark

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    A single shot was followed by a shrill scream. A door was kicked open. Then another shot. Along the corridor they were executing people. Should they hide or try to get out? 'We're going to die,' Will whispered to Kelly, surprised that he had said it out loud. Neither of them wanted to seem weak. He leapt up. 'Get behind the door!''

    'Amit Peshave stood frozen in the centre of his ground floor restaurant, having just spotted a gunman hovering outside. The man looked no older than him. Amit knew that if he ran, he would draw the gunman's attention, but if he stayed put, he would certainly die. Behind him, more than fifty diners sat waiting for him to make the call .

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