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    By: Olivia Goldsmith

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    How does a clever wife get her cheating husband back? She becomes his mistress.

    Now that the kids are off to college, Sylvie hopes that her marriage is about to bloom again. Until she discovers that her husband, Bob, has a mistress called Marla. It's small consolation that the other woman could be her identical twin - except for a gap of ten years and fifteen pounds.

    Sylvie soon realises that Marla is as miserable as she is. While Sylvie wants passion and romance, Marla just wants a husband of her own. Together they hatch a plan: a nip and tuck and a few blonde highlights for Sylvie, some brown hair and a few extra pounds for Marla, and the women are ready to switch places.

    The outcome as they juggle their new lives and identities is hilarious and enlightening. But how long can they keep their charade going, and will it all end in tears?

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