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    The Templar's Code

    By: C M Palov

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    An ancient secret worth killing for . . .
    During the Middle Ages, rumours about an ancient Egyptian text spread like wildfire among alchemists. Known as the Emerald Tablet, this sacred text was said to contain the secret of creation. Some claimed it was crafted by the Egyptian god Thoth. Others claimed it was written by the Greek god Hermes. But there were a few who believed its true author was none other than Moses himself.
    Shock waves ripple across the world when an archaeologist is viciously murdered moments after he claims to have found ancient Templar symbols marking the way to a hidden treasure vault. And the discovery of a Maltese cross etched ino the dagger that killed him seems to make his claims both true – and dangerous.

    Templar expert and former M15 operative Caedmon Aisquith sets off on a hunt for the vault, only to uncover a far more intriguing puzzle: does the Templar code in fact reveal the location of the long lost Emerald Tablet?

    The quest to decipher the symbols rapidly becomes a desperate struggle against a covert and terrifying enemy, who will stop at nothing to use the Tablet's power to spark an apocalypse. Can Caedmon uncover the truth before all hell is unleashed?

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