The Winner Stands Alone Unabridged 9 645

The Winner Stands Alone Unabridged 9/645 by Paulo Coelho
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'A Beretta Px4 compact pistol is a little bigger than a mobile phone‚ weighs around 700 grams and has a capacity of 10 shots. Small and light‚ it leaves no visible mark in the pocket carrying it and its small calibre has an enormous advantage: instead of crossing the victim's body‚ the bullet shatters the bones and tears everything it finds in its path.'
This is the beginning of THE WINNER STANDS ALONE‚ Paulo Coelho's 12th novel‚ a merciless portrait of the elites -- from fashion to politics -- that define the course of the world we live in. Set backstage at the Cannes Film Festival‚ THE WINNER STANDS ALONE stages film directors‚ producers‚ stylists‚ models‚ consecrated actors and candidates for stardom to narrate the story of a serial killer who‚ obsessed with the woman that abandoned him‚ spreads panic in the world of the celebrities gathered in the French city.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009

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